Senior Midterm Exam


Marcus has played the safe route with their branding. They picked Red as their main color and the White to gray scale as the underlying colors. They used these colors for a lot, including their logo, website, inside wall and seat colors, even down to their cups and bins. The logo is just a 2D simple M that is boxed in with the company name above and below it. The branding doesn’t have the “WOW” factor but it is very integrated. I believe they played the safe route because it doesn’t have a specific demographic, their main demographic is everyone. The company is successful which is semi easy to maintain as long as there is not too much local competition, they don’t change rates, and stay relevant. The movie industry is a very interesting subject because even in times of recession they don’t lose too much business.


If I were to change the branding of this company I would preserve the branding of colors they currently have but update their general look to make it more modern. This would make them seem more prevalent in marketing and keeping up with the current market. I would also change the logo to show more of what they do and have a more abstract and interesting but simple look to it. Some of the ways I would measure this would be to measure every time the website is visited over a period of time in contrast to what they have right now. You should also measure it in the sales numbers.



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